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Simply detecting intrusion is not enough. Help must be summoned without delay. A monitored alarm - connected to a 24 hour monitoring service is the answer. Traditional bell-only alarms may alert staff, but outside business hours they offer little protection. Police forces will not respond to a ringing bell unless there is evidence of an offence in progress.

Consequently insurers insist on monitored alarms. These provide 24 hour, 365 day monitoring by skilled operators in a remote center, confirming alarms with sequential, audio or visual verification, and ensures police, keyholders or service engineers can be alerted in seconds. False activations are filtered out, avoiding the risk of losing police support.

For a small annual fee, most alarm systems can monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When your system is activated a message is sent to the Alarm Receiving Center or "ARC". The ARC will call the premises to see if you are OK or a mistake has been with the alarm system, then if appropriate will call your keyholders and or *police.

*If you require police response please phone for more info, because of the extra standards and costs involved due to new European Standards (EN50131) introduced in 2006.

Speech Dialer

This is the most basic form of Monitoring, if your alarm is activated it will phone several home or mobile phone numbers and alert them to the activation of your alarm system.


Digital Communicator

A digital communicator is a device that connects your alarm to the phone line and sends alarm messages to the ARC. (some alarm panels have built in digital communicators)

On the above Telephone line is not monitored so if the phone line is cut or damaged then no signals can be sent.


DualCom plus is a totally integrated dual-signaling device using both telephone and radio paths. This combination ensures an alarm signal can be transmitted despite deliberate or accidental failure of either path.


  • Offers advanced protection for people and property
  • Costs less to install and run on an annual basis than any other dual-signaling device
  • Transmits alarm signals end-to-end thus eliminating the potential delays associated with text messaging (SMS) as used by other similar products
  • Uses the low-traffic, high speed and secure Vodafone Data Network (typically 3 seconds to ARC)
  • Five-minute polling on telephone or radio path in the vent of signal-path failure
  • Conforms to ABI (Association of British Insurers) requirements by indicating signal-path failure locally
  • Conforms to Police standards (ACPO & DD243) and Inspectorate requirements
  • Complies to Grade 4 for maximum insurance approval
  • DualCom currently protects national supermarket chains, high street pharmacies, jewellery chains as well as other high risk independent stores, offices etc.
DualCom plus is a totally integrated dual-signalling device

Redcare and redcare home monitoring

Redcare offers the most secure form of alarm monitoring available. The service provides continuous monitoring of a BT telephone line that links a professionally installed alarm system on a customer’s premises to an Alarm Receiving Center (ARC). The result is continuous protection of our customers' property, every second of the day, 365 days a year.

Unlike other alarm monitoring services, redcare both alerts the Alarm Receiving Center when it detects a line cut AND provides encryption to prevent the substitution of equipment or "spoofing" (emulation) of line conditions. This is why redcare is the most secure system of its kind.

  • redcare is a Secured By Design product and as such has gained Police Preferred Specification status. This was achieved after testing against and meeting the highest grade (Grade 4) of European Standard 50131.
  • No need for an extra telephone line (a Modem Compatible Device may be required if fax and data services are to be used on same line).
  • Active, continuous 2-way monitoring – 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
  • High-speed alarm transmission summons help within a matter of seconds.
  • Alarm signals can be delivered to the ARC even when the phone is in use.
  • Encrypted signals which cannot be replicated.
  • Instant detection if your phone line has been cut.
  • Our duplicated network ensures the highest levels of resilience.
  • No additional call charges.
  • No added reprogramming costs, which may be necessary in areas affected by code changes.

Redcare gsm

Redcare gsm combines a secure redcare land line connection with a GSM radio backup path. In the event of a line cut it enables alarm systems to be monitored by the radio path.

If the BT land line fails, the ARC will receive a communication failure message. The GSM path will continue to communicate with the alarm receiving center, sending any subsequent alarms.

redcare gsm is capable of sending a confirmed activation if either the primary land line or secondary radio path is lost, regardless of which one is lost first.

redcare offers the most secure form of alarm monitoring available
For security systems there are three levels of police intervention.
  • LEVEL 1 Immediate
  • LEVEL 2 Police response is desirable but attendance may be delayed, e.g. due to resource availability.
  • LEVEL 3 No Police attendance, keyholder response only.


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