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Biometric / Fingerprint Access Control


No Keys to lose, no confusing PINs or passwords to remember and nothing to be stolen or forged. Just a fingerprint, unique to you! No fingerprint data or image is stored, merely an encrypted code matching your identity. A fingerprint identification match and authorised entry is performed instantly, followed by a command, such as opening a door or activating an alarm. Each BioScan can manage up to 1000 people, with audit trail and ‘time and attendance’ features.

You can choose the times and days to allow authorised entry, such as; 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, or a 24 hour visitor pass. The Scan_In system simply comprises of a fingerprint scanner and a control box, with additional locks supplied for door control. We provide a stylish indoor system and an IP65 rated outdoor version. Both products are housed in a solid alloy tamper resistant case, protecting them from heavy demand and environmental pressures. Scan_In also offers a rapid enrolment facility, allowing you to add staff and guests through the simple swipe of an authorised administrator finger.

The system can run as a 'stand alone' biometric controller without any dependency on PC, preventing the need for network wires and complicated IT procedures. This allows Scan_In to integrate onto doors, cabinets, alarm systems, or any switch that needs protecting. Scan_In has network capability if required, increasing functionality so that data can be captured centrally and fingerprint templates can be moved with ease. Outputs include: RS232, Weigand, TCP-IP and wireless GPRS. This allows for direct connection to our standard range of Access Control systems

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