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Audio Visual Installations

Undoubtedly the best way to excite a good-sized crowd is by using a projected Big Screen system.

This is the only cost effective way of producing a large image (on average 6ft wide, but can easily be much larger).

Nowadays, everybody uses single lens projectors and no matter how cheap, when first used these machines produce at least 5 times more brightness (on average, at least 1200 ansi lumens). Using very bright bulbs creates the much higher brightness, but these must be kept cool and this is done by using fans that draw air in through filters to keep the electronics of the machine at the correct temperature. These filters cannot, however, keep out all the dust (and especially cigarette smoke) that is common in pubs and bars.

If the wrong equipment is used, you can guarantee to have significant problems within a short period of time. Our pre-designed packages make choosing a system much easier. Once you have the correct package, then ensure its future by taking one of our fixed price maintenance packages costing on average 25 + vat per month, where we take full responsibility for the successful running of your system. 

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