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Integrated Systems

As with some of the individual systems mentioned on other pages, these we have installed in areas such as banking, housing, freight, defence, nuclear generation, prisons, town centres and retail. The crux of systems of this nature is the interlinking and communication to allow them to interact with each other. Each of these would start as a system in their own right and the communication aspect would be added as a front-end package. That front-end package may well operate using customised communication protocol interfaces between the various items of equipment to ensure the correct level of operation and control. In this field, we have effectively incorporated CCTV, access control, intercoms, alarm monitoring and recording together to provide a composite entity to protect various clients in the differing levels of environments detailed above.


A number of the products outlined above and the relevant suppliers would be relative to this area of activity. Also in this area of activity would be the supply and installation, where required, of such things like turnstiles, barriers, control racks and consoles.

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