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Keyholding / Alarm Response

At 3 in the morning, the phone rings, its the police ringing to say that your alarm system has been activated at your business premises. Perhaps you've had a few drinks.. Avoid all of this aggravation.

Why not let us hold your keys for you.

We will get the call outs then attend your premises, sort out any problems, repair the alarm system if necessary, call in your preferred contractors to do any temporary repairs to secure the premises, then tell you in the morning!

Domestic Customers

If you're going on holiday, we can look after your house keys as well.

Call us on 0845 123 2599 for more information

Information for alarm keyholders

All monitored alarms MUST have at least two nominated keyholders who can be contacted if the alarm is activated whilst the premises are unoccupied.

Your duties as a keyholder:

Assist the police when they attend a call-out
Ensure the property is secured properly
Reset the alarm

When contacted following an alarm activation you must:

Attend within 20 minutes, this may require private transport
Have the building keys available to take with you
Make sure you know the location of the alarm control panel, sensors and contacts and how the system works.
The alarm panel PIN number
Entry and exit routes when the alarm is set
Personal Identity Code

The building owner contact details
Emergency repair services e.g.. locksmiths and glaziers
Police Call-out procedures

If the alarm is activated whilst the property is unoccupied, the Alarm Receiving Centre staff will first contact the local police* and then a keyholder

As a keyholder you must

Go to the premises immediately
Report to the police on your arrival and advise and assist them as required
When the police have informed you that the building is clear, inspect it for damage and organize any repairs, once the property is secure, reset the alarm

Have a mobile telephone just in case you need to ring police/glaziers etc
We recommend that if you are called out to an alarm system you take someone else with you and have a mobile telephone just in case you need to ring police/glaziers etc.

If in doubt don't enter a building on your own......

*Only if on police response


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